Multiplication Cohort

Multiplication: " the process or skill of multiplying" 

Multiplying: "to increase or cause to increase greatly in number or quantity"


The Multiplication Cohort is a network of pastors who are interested in Church Multiplication and want to be involved in multiplying churches by multiplying disciples, leaders, groups, ministries and congregations. 

York County is the fastest growing county in South Carolina! It is in the top 13% of growing counties in the USA. This population growth represents an incredible challenge and opportunity for the Great Commission. Responding to this challenge, The York Baptist Association has developed a Multiplication Cohort of pastors who want to learn how to be a multiplier that can lead their church to multiply and support a movement of multiplying churches.

The Multiplication Cohort is composed of Church Planters, Established Pastors, Potential Planters anyone interested in becoming a multiplier of disciples or groups and anyone else interested in being part of a movement of multiplication.


If churches were trees, this cohort would be about planting orchards of fruit bearing trees!

If you are interested in participating in the Multiplication Cohort contact Mike Wallace at mikew@yorkbaptists.org.