Church Revitalization Cohort


Every church goes through a life cycle from birth to death. 80 to 90 % of churches in the South Carolina Baptist Convention are moving toward the later stages of their life cycle and will die unless they  revitalize and capture a fresh vision that will motivate them to pursue passionately the future God has for them.


We want to assist our churches by giving their pastor the opportunity to be part of a Church Revitalization Cohort of pastors that are learning how to lead their church to a fresh new future.


Revitalization Defined----"To impart new life or vigor to”


The Church Revitalization Process:

A learning cohort of five to seven pastors who want to learn how to lead their churches to thrive again.



Meet together once a month for twelve (12) months for intensive conversation that leads to a strategic plan of action followed by the opportunity to have a

coach/consultant assist your church as you implement your plan.




Strategic plan will cover:

  • Church Health

  • Raising qualified leaders

  • Developing meaningful membership

  • Aligning structure to achieve plan goals


YBA provides books and meals

Interested in joining a Revitalization Cohort? Contact Mike Wallace at