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Community Partners



Partner with one of these great ministries 
as a church, a class or group, or as an individual.
Baptist Campus Ministry:

A South Carolina Baptist Convention ministry on the Winthrop University, Clinton College and York Technical Colleges in Rock Hill.  Learn more...

Victory Sports Outreach: 
  • To serve as an Acts 1:8 ministry

  • Coordinate and lead sports leagues, camps, and mission trips.

  • To provide sports outreach education and training for churches.

  • Special event outreach- camps, clinics, tournaments, and speaking engagements.

  • To establish partnerships with churches, multigenerational and multiethnic groups, and other organizations.

  • To partner with mission teams and organizations in spreading the Gospel locally, statewide, in our country, and around the world by conducting sports camps and partnering by donating Victory Sports items: shirts, Bibles,  bracelets (over 80,000 ordered), colored balls, and gifts made by children during Victory Sports Camps. Learn more...

LifeBuilders: English As a Second Language

We are an organization that assists churches from different denominations to start and maintain an English as a Second Language Ministry. Our mission is to minister Christ's love through teaching Conversational English and working to serve the internationals in our community. Learn more...

Palmetto Womens Center:

Formerly known as the Palmetto Crises Pregnancy Center; Our mission is to empower women and men to choose life and have hope for the future through Christ Jesus, and we will continue to do this with support from individuals like you. Learn more...

Pathways Community Center is a unique ministry center that has worked to bring many ministries and agencies under one roof.  In an effort to assist persons in need and to assist those who are trying to help those in need Pathways has created that place.  A “One stop shop” in sorts, that brings many help agencies to one place.  Located at 546 S Cherry Rd Pathways is available to assist all persons in need.  They house the Pathways day shelter where homeless people and those who do not have a safe place to be can be out of the elements and access essential services.  Pathways provides that safe place to hang out, receive mail, use a phone, grab a shower and get a hot meal.  Please consider how you can help Pathways today -Learn More....
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